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Flameworked Glass Paperweight Flower Buttons
These glass paperweight buttons will truly add a piece of art to anything that they go on. These are all my favorite flameworked glass buttons. I am very proud to be able to offer them to you, they are truly "One of a Kind".  Each button is
1 - 1 1/4" and all priced at $34.00. 

Made with borosilicate Pyrex® glass, which gives them a great deal of strength. A brass button back is cemented on using 2 part, 2000 psi epoxy resin. We recommend hand washing.

To view larger images, please click on the button of your choice. Every effort has been made to reproduce these buttons accurately for internet viewing. Colors shown may not be a true representation and will appear differently on individual monitors. You may order these buttons by using the shopping cart at the bottom of this page.

2 Blue Flower Flamerworked Glass Button Periwinkle Flower Flamerworked Glass Button
Blue White Coral 2 Blue Periwinkle

White Flower Flameworked Glass Button Indigo Luster Flower Flameworked Glass Button
Flower Rose Blue Moon White Indigo Luster

Glass Flower Buttons      Price Qty.

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$34.00 US


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