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Holiday Ornaments

These elegant holiday ornaments are hand formed.  They are blown from borosilicate tubing (Pyrex ), which is substantially stronger, more durable, more fracture resistant than regular glass. 

They are strong enough to withstand most "cat in the Christmas tree" mishaps.  The size is 2 1/4-2 3/4" diameter. 
Each ornament is One of a Kind.  More will be added as we make them.

  Cobalt Blue Ornament       $40.00 US  

  Lilac Ornament      $40.00 US  

Green Holiday Ornament 1     $40.00 US   

   Honey Brown Ornament 1        $40.00 US   

   Cobalt 2 Ornament       $40.00 US   

 Lilac 2 Ornament     $40.00 US   

  Multi Green Ornament        $40.00 US   

    Pink Champagne Ornament     SOLD   

  Lilac 3 Ornament        $40.00 US   

     Red Heart Ornament        $40.00 US   

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