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Flameworked Glass Marbles     

These collectible flame worked Glass Marbles will be a lovely addition to your glass marble collection!  Each of these glass marbles is unique, hand formed by Michael Ernst.  If there is one that you really want to add to your glass marble collection, purchase it quickly --there will never be another exactly like it.

Our glass marble are made with borosilicate Pyrex® glass, making them much stronger and more durable than soda lime glass. 

Every effort has been made to reproduce these glass marble accurately for internet viewing. Colors shown may not be a true representation and will appear differently on individual monitors. You may order these glass marbles by clicking on the "Order Now!" box.

flameworked glass marble
Marble 1...1 1/2" $45.00 Marble 2...3/4"  $35.00 Marble 3...1 1/8"  $35.00 Marble4...1 3/8"  $45.00

flameworked glass marble flameworked glass marble
Marble 5...1 1/8"  $35.00 Marble 6...7/8"  $35.00 Marble 7...1"  $35.00 Marble 8...7/8"  $35.00

Glass Marbles     Price Quantity

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$35.00 US
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$45.00 US



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