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Embellished One Off Flame-worked Glass Pens

Handcrafted, Each of these pens are One of a Kind. When a pen shown on this page is sold, another one just like it will NOT be available.
Made with borosilicate Pyrex® glass, which gives them a great deal of strength. Each glass pen with included pen rest comes in a hard shelled case.
Also included is a Lifetime Repair Warranty!

Every effort has been made to reproduce these pen examples accurately for internet viewing. Colors shown may not be a true representation and will appear differently on individual monitors. 
Please note they are even more beautiful in person!!

You may order these pens by using the Buy Now! Button.

Blue Moon Embellished 4 Glass Ink Pen Set  $200.00    


Blue Moon Embellished 4 Glass Ink Pen                  $140.00    

Turquesa Embellished Glass Ink Pen 41                  140.00 

Turquesa Embellished #42 Glass Ink Pen                  140.00 

Gold Embellished Glass Pen Set                $250.00   

Ruby Caramel Embellished Glass Ink Pen Set            $210.00

Ruby Caramel Embellished  Glass Ink Pen (seen above)      $150.00

Ruby Amber Embellished Glass Ink Pen                    $150.00   

Ruby Opal Embellished Glass Ink Pen           $140.00

Amber Purple Embellished Glass Ink Pen 5/8" Diameter    $150.00

Opal Embellished Glass Ink Pen                              SOLD   

Amber Purple Raspberry Embellished Glass Ink Pen                  150.00 

Raspberry Embellished  Glass Ink Pen               $140.00

Lavender and Yellow Embellished Pen with Ink Bottle       $180.00 

Green Amber Purple Embellished Glass Pen Set           SOLD   

Green Amber Purple Glass Ink Pen (pictured above)    SOLD

Mystery Green Glass Ink Pen              SOLD  

Turquesa Split Ribbon Embellished Glass Ink Pen           140.00 

Variegated Hosta Glass Ink Pen Set                  $150.00

Textured Amazon Night Filigree Pen Set  $220.00   

Textured Amazon Night Filigree Glass Ink Pen (above)       $160.00

Aurora Embellished Ink Pen Set               SOLD  

Aurora Embellished Glass Ink Pen (above)                 SOLD   

Multi Green Glass Ink Pen Set                  $150.00

Black Dichroic Glass Ink Pen 10              $115.00

Blue Bird Dichro Glass Ink Pen                      $115.00  

Black Dichroic Glass Ink Pen 9               $115.00

Mahogany Glass Ink Pen                 $100.00   

Lavender and Plum Embellished Glass Pen Set                 $190.00 

Good Vibrations Glass Pen Set                  $160.00      

Crystal Embellished Pen Set 2                    $210.00

Crystal Filigree Glass Ink Pen (as above)       $160.00   

Crystal Embellished Pen Set 1                    $200.00

Aurora Green Exotic Embellished Pen with Bottle            SOLD  

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