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Glass Knitting Needles
Glass Knitting Needles with Paperweight Tops from GlassPens.comYou will find our glass knitting needles with lovely paperweight tops to be fast, cool to the touch when first picked up but quick to warm to your hands. You will also like the way that these glass knitting needles magnify the yarn as you look through them. It's all about having beautiful tools to lift the spirit and make the act of knitting a sensual activity.

The glass used is borosilicate Pyrex ®, which is substantially stronger, more durable, more fracture resistant than regular glass.

No Questions Asked Lifetime Repair Warranty for Glass Knitting Needles

To see a larger version of our glass knitting needle bouquet, please click the image. 



Bamboo Knitting Needles
You will find our bamboo knitting needles with lovely paperweight tops the perfect needle for any knitting project. Knitters have been enjoying knitting on bamboo needles for decades because they are a natural material with strength and flexibility. Our bamboo knitting needles have a smooth polished finish needle tips and shaft.

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