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Specializing in FlameWorked Glass, Michael and Sheila Ernst create Beautiful Glass Needlework Tools, Glass Buttons, Glass Pens, Glass Spinning Tools,  and Jewelry for your pleasure.

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Circular Glass Needles Glass Buttons Glass Knitting Needles

Glass Ink Pens

Bamboo Knitting Needles

Glass Crochet Hooks

Flameworked Glass Dip Style Pens from Ernst Glass

Bamboo Knitting Needles with Flameworked Glass Button Tops

Orifice Hooks

Don't Drop Spindles

Shawl Closures
Flameworked Orifice Hooks for Spinners by Ernst Glass Shawl Closures with Flameworked Button Tops from Ernst Glass
Glass Ink Bottles Double Point Needles

Glass Laying Tools

Glass Holiday Ornaments


New "Scarf Needles" Needles"

    Carbon Fiber Double Pointed Needles

Each glass piece regardless of size or complexity is  created with inspiration, love and appreciation for the beautiful things that can be made from glass.                      We will be happy to have you shop in Our online store today!

Click on the images above or use the links below to view and purchase our    Flameworked Glass Products.

Flameworked Glass Needlework Tools
 Glass "Paperweight" Buttons  
 Glass And Bamboo knitting Needles
  Circular Knitting Needles in Glass 
Cable Needles in Glass
  Stitch Markers with Hand formed Beads
 Glass Crochet Hooks
  Glass Needlework Laying Tools
  Orifice Hooks for Spinning Wheels
  Don't Drop Glass Spindles
  Double Pointed Straight Needles

Flameworked Glass Pens and Jewelry
  Glass Dip-Style Ink Pens
  Handmade Glass Beads
  Designer Glass Jewelry
  Hair sticks with "Paperweight"  Tops
  Shawl Closures


  Gift Certificates

Flameworked Glass for the Home
 Glass sculptural pieces
  Holiday Ornaments                            
  Flameworked Glass Marbles


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